Tritoflex Roof

Tritoflex (Spray Applied) Roof

Tritoflex is the rising star in Pagani Roofing’s already extensive list of options. We are the first in Quebec to put our faith in a relatively new product that has already had so much success worldwide. Why? Because we believe that the client of the future is looking for a more responsible option that doesn’t just protect the environment but also outperforms the competition. We found the solution in Tritoflex.

Tritoflex is an instant set, spray applied, liquid rubber, water-proofing system that can be applied in any thickness on virtually any surface. It is durable, long lasting and fire resistant. Tritoflex is a cold applied product reducing the risk of injury to the installer and the potential risk of fire damage to client. It makes logistically challenging roofs a dream to work on. Tight spaces, obstacles, curved surfaces are no longer a problem and they no longer waste time. The composition of the product is also such that it contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which makes it, eco-friendly.

Because of its unique composition and the ability to apply it to any surface, the product is also a re-roofing tool. That is to say that if your particular structure contains less than 2 pre-existing roofs it can be scraped clean, primed and sprayed over with Tritoflex, saving you money and saving the landfill from excess garbage without affecting the warranty. (Ask your local municipality about tax incentives for the re-roofing option as it may fall under renovation and not a new roof).

Once the product has been applied to your roof it is instantly waterproof, after it sets completely the product is ready to receive 2 coats of specialized ceramic paint that protects it from the sun’s damaging rays and ultimately it becomes a sacrificial layer to the elements.

A roof for life, this product comes with a standard warranty of 12 years residential and 6 years commercial with the option of purchasing a manufacturer’s extended warranty that can span up to 35 years. The way it works is that the roof, once painted with 2 coats of specialized white ceramic paint, will be warranted for 15 years, when the 15 years is up the roof is washed and repainted giving it an additional 5 years of life up to a total span of 35 years. This warranty comes at a price and so does the paint application but the prices are nominal when compared to the cost of the average new roof after the same period of time. You may spend more in the beginning but you save a lot more in the end.

*Extended warranty is optional and client may choose to accept the basic warranty of 12 years residential, 2 years longer than the industry standard for any other product, or 6 years commercial which is 1 year more than the industry standard.