Absolutely FREE, no charge for estimation of a roofing project, residential and commercial. Contact our office by phone, email or fax and be sure to leave your name, phone number where you can be reached and an address. One of our knowledgeable estimators will take measurements of the roof at your residence or commercial building so he can provide you with a detailed estimate and ultimately determine your individual needs.



Pagani roofing offers a wide range of new roof options which include elastomeric membrane, tar and gravel and a new, eco-friendly, instant-set rubber product called Tritoflex. For more information on these options visit our roofing options page for details and our portfolio page for photographs.


Metal Flashing

Once your new roof has been installed clients have the option of replacing the old metal flashing around the edge of their building. We use 26 gauge pre-painted metal flashing that comes in a wide range of colors, the most common which are dark brown, black, white, and galvanized. A price for the replacement of the metal flashing is included with every estimate as an option. For certain roofing projects replacement of flashing may be a necessity and will be included in your price automatically.



Pagani roofing provides installation services for a wide range of roof related equipment, we do not provide the equipment to be installed but will facilitate its installation upon request: A/C unit frame installation, ventilation boxes, dryer vent boxes, plumbing vents, access traps, and more.



Have a leak and don’t know where it’s coming from? Our professionals will identify your problem and determine the best solution to fix it. The repair includes an interior inspection of the leak and a roof inspection to determine the ultimate cause. Finally, an appropriate solution for repair will be found and carried out.*



For a fee, a certified professional will provide you with a visual roof inspection and a letter containing the results and roofer’s recommendation. This inspection service is intended to give clients peace of mind and the knowledge to make an informed decision with regards to their roof.


Extended Service Plan

For a fee, your roof will be maintained twice a year for as long as you see fit. This service is meant for those who are incapable or otherwise unable to perform regular maintenance on their new roof. The service includes an on-site inspection of the roof and removal of debris that could potentially block your drain and cause water to pond on your new roof.

This extended service plan can also be tailored to include roof snow removal services for an additional charge.

*Note: Repairs are not subject to standard warranty and are temporary solutions to often major problems. This does not mean that all leaks are major; this also does not mean that a repair cannot be a long term solution to what can also be a minor problem.