Tar And Gravel Roof

Tar and Gravel (Built up roofing)

Tar and gravel is the ultimate classic. The original way to renovate a flat roof and still trusted today. It is however, becoming a less popular option to clients who want a more eco-friendly option. This hot application roofing system emits highly toxic smoke into the atmosphere as it is an oil by-product.

Tar and Gravel consists of a standard of 5 layers of 15pound perforated tar paper mopped in hot tar and covered with a ballast of ¼ inch gravel also in hot tar. The combination of the paper, used to waterproof your roof and the gravel, used to protect the paper form the sun’s harmful rays and the elements, equate to a long lasting and durable product.

White gravel is available as more eco-friendly option and is often a necessity in certain districts. The white gravel is used to better reflect the sun and save money on cooling in the summer. It is more expensive but the cost is negligible when compared to the energy saving benefits long term.